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I have an orpington that is have trouble passing stool. It seems hard and dry when it comes out and she makes a special chirp. What can i do to help her? And what is causing it?
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She may be dehydrated or there's hard fecal matter backed up. You need to get some mineral oil down her asap.


Since chicks don't know oil from water, until they taste it that is, just hold a small container under her beak and let her take a big slug. It will be her first and last, because she won't enjoy the taste and feel.


If she can't sip some on her own, then you need to syringe some very carefully into the right side of her mouth, since that where the esophagus is. Stay away from the let side where the airway is.


You can also try syringing some oil directly into her vent, but be very careful not to go but a tiny distance, and then squirt in the oil. You should see immediate results if you got enough mineral oil into her.


If you have no mineral oil, use olive oil or coconut oil.

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I gave her a couple drops of olive oil down the beak. I'm surprised that she would be dehydrated because i always see her drinking water. I have 6 two weeks old and they have drank 16oz. since 6pm yesterday
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