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I am beside myself with grief. Someone left the door open and my dogs came in and ate all my babies. sad.png
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Oh that is heart breaking for you .......


Bad Dogs !!!!!

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That is the worst sounding thing ive ever heard im so sorry...!
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so sorry


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I feel so bad for you. We lost a two week old chick today in an accident when she tried to fly out of my daughter's hands and the dog jumped to catch her. The chick was just too fragile for her dog mama wanna be. We've been real careful and will be even more cautious now. sad.png
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Thanks. sad.png we did go out and get more. Trying to want to enjoy them. Sigh
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I'm so very sorry for your losses.... big hugs to you ((()))). I have a year old Queensland Sheppard cross and she always tryst to herd everything. my chicks come in a couple of weeks and I'm going to have to watch her like a hawk. she even chases butterflies..sigh... it's not going to be easy teaching her not to get the chicks... she jumps at my adult hens as it is... it's tough trying to get them to change their nature I know. are you going to try to train the dogs to keep away? I've got mine to the point where she will look after the hens. I will say let's go check the girls and she will go look into the pen. when my back is turned she still jumps at them every now and then's not going to be easy.
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It hurts a lot to lose babies, especially so tragically. You have good company. We've all lost our share of chicks, and we understand the pain.


Just know that it hurts a bit less each day. It helps that you've got new babies. Focus on them and try to do something about that door so it automatically shuts so this can't happen again.

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We are finishing the garage....this door leads to the dog yard.
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