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Lump on hen's foot. Bumblefoot?

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One of my hens seems to developed a hard lump between two of her toes. Here's a photo of it:

There is no swelling to the pad underneath or the infection 'plug'

I don't want to just cut into her foot if I don't have to, but I will of course if it is bumblefoot.
Any help is appreciated!
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Without seeing anything like this in person it's hard to just say, yup it's bumblefoot.  It looks like it could be bumblefoot.   What are the perches like?  Any other birds showing signs?  How old is the bird? Ever have issues before?

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She's 2 years old and the heaviest of the ladies. None of the others have any signs of bumblefoot and I've never had any problems before but I've only had chickens for a year. We've been digging up the garden lately and getting rid of a lot of sticks and debris, which she's been 'helping' us with.
She's walking around and scratching like normal, however she seems to be walking on her tippy toes a little bit. Thanks!
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Is she overconditioned? Do you have a picture of the inside of your coop?

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