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Flock illness/Extremely weird poop

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A few weeks ago, one of the hens I had died suddenly. There were no signs or symptoms. We had her for two years. I waited a week to make sure it wouldn't spread before bringing in new hens. I brought it new hens after our other didn't show any signs of illness and she's still find but one of the new hens came down with a respiratory illness like 48 hours after bringing her in. I totally separated her and treated her back to health. I finally put her back in the coop with the others yesterday and treated the water with holistic abx and ACV. All of the hens have seemed as happy and healthy as can be and have laid more than we've had yet. But, I did come across the weirdest "poop" I've ever seen this evening. I've searched these forums and all across the Internet and can't find anything like it. I'm getting so frustrated and can't stand the thoughts of losing all of my new hens. Here's a photo.
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Welcome to BYC. It looks like gelatinous mucus, maybe from an intestinal infection. Coccidiosis can be common in chickens moved onto new soil. You could treat them for coccidiosis and worms, or you could get a few fresh droppings checked by a local vet. Corid is a good treatment for coccidiosis, and Valbazen or SafeGuard liquid goat wormer are good wormers.
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I don't know if it could instead be something from the reproductive tract instead of the intestines. If you see more of these droppings, I would probably collect them, and see if a local vet could do a fecal test for worms and cocci.
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Thanks! I've got one that seems a little under the weather today. I wish I would've collected that yesterday and taken it in.
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