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My poor "overworked" hen!

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One of my RIR hens is the favorite of my two roos, she has a gash where she gets mounted, not bleeding and has been there a bit, its not infected,no pus,ect. So I have her in a decent size (2'6"x4') dog cage with food and water to give her a break,ill put blue coat on it tomorrow morning, other hens are ok thankfully.

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Since she is caged, you can clean the wound with betadine and apply an antibiotic ointment, then only the ointment every day until it starts to heal. The BluKote can be handy when you let her out of the cage. I would grab your rooster off the roost at night, and dull his Spurs by filing them or trimming with dog nail clippers. A hen apron can be used on the hen to protect her feathers.
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They only have little nubs for spurs yet, it was from their claws,trimmed them. She is doing well,still laying daily.

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She got some sort of internal infection that outside antibiotics and the broad spectrum couldn't handle ,so I had to put her down.

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Sorry that you lost her. It's good that she isn't suffering.

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Thank you. I'm rehoming my Roos, they are just too rough with the girls.
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