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Hey guys, first post here. I have a few runner ducks scheduled for delivery in the next couple weeks. I'm in the process of building and setting up their coop and run. I've got a section of the run that's about 12x24 that I will be sectioning off for the first couple months to allow some vegetation to grow. I've got a couple Rose bushes and raspberry bushes I plan on planting allong the fence line and some wildflower seed for the rest. As for a main cover I've got some white proso millet seed picked out but I'm having trouble finding much info on millets as a main grass in the run. I'm looking to start planting this week so any info or suggestions would be happily welcomed. Thanks for checking my post and your time is appreciated.
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I didnt grow millet for my ducks last year but i did grow gramma oats. It is a  native grass and my ducks loooooved it.


I feed my girls a feed that has ground millet in it and they enjoy it. There are at least 2 kinds of millet and I don't know which kind is in their food. Some millet(s) are not as palatable as other kinds.

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Thanks ducklady. Were the oats easy to grow? I'm here in southwestern Kansas and we don't get a lot of rain. I do however have a well on the property if its something that needs a lot water. Also, will wildflowers grow amongst it? I would like to attract as many bugs to the pen as possible. Thanks again and lovely ducks. I can't wait to have my flock up and "running"!
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