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Pox Vaccine???

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I've had quite a few chickens die on me in a slow manner over the last year. Had vet do an exam of one dead chicken & the conclusion was Pox, I'm thinking wet version Bc they don't have those wort like things on their comb etc. Should I vaccinate all my others as a percation? If so, how exactly do you do it?
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Could it be wet pox? Has anyone experienced wet pox in their chicken? What were symptoms?
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I had three silkies die recently. Shipped them off to get necropsy because everything pointed to Marek's Virus. Thank the Lord that I finally got some results: COCCIDIOSIS- Eimeria Necatirx.Treatable with Amprolioum and preventable for future up bringing. So thankful. :) Wish I would have done this sooner, 11 birds die since November 2015 (7 month period). Effected 26% of my flock. Fingers crossed this will take care of all the issues I have been experiencing.

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So glad you got a diagnosis, and have a treatable problem.  Mary

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