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Are they ok?

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I recently bought 2 bantam chicks at Orchelns. I have 1 Mille Fluer and 1 buff Cochin. They haven't been eating or drinking much (that I ever see) all they do is sleep. They love to be cuddled but idk if I should be worried. I'm all pumped up about it because I had another bantam chick and it died in its sleep cause it got to hot so I moved its heat lamp up for the others. The chicks were with my 2 Rouens, 1 Cornish Cross and 1 Fry Pan but they picked on them so I put them in a seperate box with their own heatlamp. Does it take a couple of days for them to get used to the environment and start eating & drinking more?
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Sounds like it is still too hot. Orshlens sells something called Save a chick. Are you close enough to go get some quick?
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Yes, especially if they're still close to when they hatched. Their appetite improves by day three.


Check the brooder temp away from the spot under the heat lamp. If the rest of the brooder isn't a good fifteen degrees or more cooler than directly beneath the light, your brooder is too warm.


It requires more space to achieve this cool zone, not simply raising the heat lamp.


The so-called heat guidelines almost never point out to new chick people that a brooder requires two temperature zones. The hot zone under the light should be between 85 and 95 F the first week. But the rest of the brooder must be much cooler!


This is because it's necessary for the chicks to have cool spaces in which to self regulate their body temperature. If they don't have a cool-down zone, they will over-heat, get sick, and die.

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I can't now. Can't they wait another day?. My heat lamp is connected to a music stand so I can put or higher so they can cool off a bit. All of my standards and Rouens always want to be under the heat lamp when they sleep but the bantams want to be under it then away from it then under it again.
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They are trying to cool off, like anygous says. Get them some honey water and if you can give them more space so they can cool down, they will be much happier.
ETA: try sugar water if you do not have honey
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will it help if I show you a picture of my setup?
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