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Wry Neck Help Please

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My 1.5yr old RIR started having issues with her neck Sunday a week ago....It was all bent over like the pics I have seen for wry/crook neck. I brought her in and started with the vitamins I had on hand--poly vi sol & fortified b complex and did some research. I picked up the rest of the vitamins Monday-- vit E, actual b complex & selenium and started her on all of it Monday evening. I have been following this treatment I only did the prednisone for the 1st 4 days daily, then cut back to every other day. I have read conflicting information on it.


Up until yesterday, Tuesday evening she seemed to be improving somewhat --she was still able to straighten her neck so she can eat on her own. I have been using whole wheat bread to give her medicine in. And I will soak bread pieces in water so she is getting her needed water and I give water with a syringe also . She has also had yogurt, scrambled eggs, baby food with biscuits crumbled in it and she has even been outside a few evening and scratched around.


This morning, however her neck actually seemed worse and she did not straighten it at all and I had to actually open her beak and feed her instead of just holding it up to her and her eating on her own.


I know this could take some time to treat but should it seems she has gotten worse after she showed improvement....has anyone else seen this? And does this seem normal or is there something else I need to try?

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Any suggestions or experiences or advise is appreciated. Thanks

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Wry neck is just a symptom of several conditions such as head injury, vitamin E deficiency, Mareks disease, and many other conditions. It can take days or weeks to treat, and does not always get better. There is a good thread called"Let's talk wry neck" here on BYC if you Google it or do a search at the top of this page. I hope she starts improving soon, and let us know how he is doing.
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