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I hate going to work

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When early in the morning you hear the fox screeching nearby.  Knowing that all of our babies are "sitting ducks" in a pen that we think is enough, but never quite sure.  I'd pay good money for a young kid with a .22 to sit out back and mind the fort!!!  Come on 4 o'clock!!  Gotta get home and make sure we didn't make a contribution to the circle of life...



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Aww! Do you have an electric fence around your duck yard, and mesh across the top? That's how I have mine to protect from all predators, by ground or by air. I call it "The Duck Fortress" and it hasn't failed me yet. Never lost a single duck to a predator. I feel confident they are safe out there when I'm away. At night they are locked up even tighter. I've heard such terrible stories about foxes or mink around here, I didn't want to take any chances. 

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You could place cinderblocks or heavy bricks around the edges of the fence, also (on the outside) so if foxes or predators tried to dig under, the blocks would fall with the earth and ward them off. We used to do that with our meat bird pens, as we had a predator hanging around, digging holes. A little extra security may not be necessary but it's great peace of mind. :)

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@Orca5094 and @arrowti thank you both for your responses.  It all turned out alright.  The fox didn't get into our pen; we didn't find any evidence that it tried.  But that doesn't mean it's over I'm sure.  But you've both pointed out things which will help in the future.  Thanks for taking the time to offer real solutions that I've already begun to plan into our current set up.


Thanks and best wishes,

Troy & Tina

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