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Turkey hen nest

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Have a turkey hen who laid 12 eggs then sat on nest one night, my friend wanted half eggs so when hen got up I replaced 6 with 6 fake eggs and hoped for the best. She didn't return to nest till next day. I did keep eggs from being cold but did not put in incubator then as wanted see if hen would . I held out 3 to incubate in case and after 8 days when candle only see +what looks like a blood ring. Afraid the others under her have possibly also died. I don't want to disturb nest again, but should I remove her eggs, or wait out her sitting for 28 days. The Tom was killed. So no more mating. Any suggestions?

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Turkey eggs can take quite a bit.

I'm incubating some that were in the fridge for a couple of weeks. All are developing.

How long has the tom that got killed been away from the hen?

We're they mating before.

The hen has the ability to store male seed for potentially the entire laying season.

If she goes full broody the hormone change can nullify chance of fertile eggs after that.

At day 8 turkeys eggs can be hard to see days 10 to 14 are the easiest to see development.
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Yes the hen mated with tom many times early in season. Then she began laying eggs. then tom was killed by predator 2 weeks ago. I was concerned that by removing friends eggs just when hen began to sit and the delay of her sitting on nest again may have caused eggs to cool and stop incubating. My friend incubated hers immediately and all are alive. This is my first time to try to hatch turkeys and built a nice brooding pen and nesting box which the hen has accepted. And with Tom gone I am hoping to hatch a few to raise.

I will wait longer to candle eggs and see. Should I be concerned that she is sitting on half false eggs ( maybe taking up brooding space?) or just leave them. I think she sitting on 5 real eggs too. In a few days maybe try to candle  one from her nest at night if she let me, to just to put my mind at ease.

Thanks for your help.

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If she's off the nest. Or if you want I would remove the fake eggs. If she is fully broody that won't bother her.

Most hens will get off the nest once a day or couple of days to eat drink and take a broody poop. Those are smelly.

Good luck. Hope it all works out.
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Ok. She seems to be fully broody for over a week now as have not seen her off nest. She is not real tame, so try to keep my distance.

On another note, I have a second hen ( who is very tame) who only  started to mate with the same tom just days before he was killed. She was wondering off my property, I assume to nest. I put her in same brooding pen with broody hen and made a second nest box. She has been in 4 days now and not nesting yet, but when ever I m in there she lays down. I think she maybe looking for a mate more then a nest right now. So not sure how much success her and the tom had before he left us, wonder if it was or wasn't enough to fertilize her. Guess only time will tell.

Don't want to get another tom right now, He was the second one taken in the night this season, by coyote or wild cat. They are too big to roost up high, and are easier for predators to get at.  The hens, smaller fly high in trees to roost. But I sure miss the gobblers.  

Thanks again.

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