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Mountain Quail Eggs

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Hi, We are new to this forum, but not new to raising quail and other birds. We have Buttons, Valleys, Bobwhite, and Mountain Quail. Along with canaries, finches, chickens, parakeets, etc.

We bought a few pair of Mountains last year from 2 different sources. We have hatched quite a few batches of Mountains this year and they are doing great.


We sell eggs on ebay- our id is "eggcetera". They valley eggs we have sold for several years have done well. The mountain quail are more sensitive in shipping, to shaking, I think. Does everyone here prefer foam for shipment?


(If trading is allowed here...) We would love to trade a few mountain quail eggs with someone, so we can have more bloodlines. We are in Utah, so the closer you are to us, possibly the better, as far as shipping and handling go. (not the money, but the actual handling)


Any of your tips or comments on raising, or selling quail are welcome!

Have a great week, bird friends.

Johnny and Marcie

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Hello, not to hijack the post but I'm from Utah myself and have been wanting to get some mountain quail! Been a little cautious bout it cause of price of eggs on eBay and heard stories bout how delicate mountain quail can be! What part of Utah are you in and when will you be selling eggs, chicks, juvenile or even adult mountain quail?

Thank you!
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Hello, Neighbor!

We are in Salt Lake. We have eggs now. (in smaller quantities). We arent selling live birds now.  Maybe sometime...

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Awesome!! Im down in vernal so were not to far away! I would defiantly be interested in some eggs this spring if your not planning on selling chicks or older birds anytime soon. How much would a dozen or 6 eggs run me?

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I would Def like a bob white!
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Thanks for all the welcomes!

Yellowblack-- we only have a couple of bobwhite that are getting old now. we havent tried to keep the group growing, cuz they're a bit noisy.


Trapper Luke-- Vernal sounds like a great place to raise birds. I havent been down that way in years. When do you want mountain eggs? I was going to list some on ebay tonite. If you want them right away, let me know. Or we can work out timing whenever you want. Do you ever come to Salt Lake, or would you like shipping? I will send you a private message on price details.

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Is there white bobwhites?
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Thank you- Sill.

Yellowblack-- sorry, we dont have any bobwhite birds or eggs to sell. All we sell (or trade) are California Valley and Mountain quail eggs.

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I had someone ask me if our Mountain Quail are Coastal or Sierra...

Im a big dummy, and just dont know. I have heard of both sub-species. Is there any easy way to tell? I've been trying the internet, but no luck yet. Is there a visual difference, or is it just where they came from? I contacted the different people we bought quail from, but no answer yet as to our birds history.

We well a few eggs on ebay, and I hate not knowing more info on such expensive little eggs. Maybe I shouldn't list any more eggs if I dont know more...


Any help or comments are greatly appreciated!!


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