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$40 (USD)
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For Sale:
Ameraucana / Easter Egger Hatching Eggs (Midlothian, TX)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

We have fertile eggs for sale to anyone who'd like to hatch their own chicks in an incubator or under their broody hen. Eggs are $40 per dozen--local pick up. Can ship up to 2 dozen eggs for an additional $20.


Our flocks consist of 3 lavender (self-blue) and 3 lavender-cuckoo roosters over ~50 lavender, white, cuckoo and lavender-cuckoo hens.

The lavender/cuckoo/lavender-cuckoo Ameraucanas are not a recognized color by the APA, so are technically considered Easter Eggers. The cuckoo patterned birds are still in the project stage and have not yet been perfected. They are fun to look at, though, and they lay beautiful blue/green/olive colored eggs just like the other Ameraucanas.


Attached are pictures of some of the parent birds and a sample of the eggs we get. We recently hatched some of the eggs and the chick colors are:  6-black, 3-cuckoo, 7-white, 51-lavender-cuckoo, 60-lavender. All chicks will carry the lavender gene.  Recent hatch-rate was exceptional with 127 chicks out of 144 eggs.  Cannot guarantee your hatch rate due to circumstances outside my control.


I accept PayPal, Cash.Me, Facebook transfer or BofA account transfer.  Eggs will not ship until payment has cleared.  If you use a credit card for any payment method, there is an additional 3% fee. 


Our flock is P-T tested.