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outside romp safe?

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Up here in the good ol state of Washington we are getting a few warm days. Today is 66 sunny very little wind tomorrow will be 70. I was curious if it's safe/warm enough to let my soon to be 4 week Olds out to play. Supervised of course. Should I take a heat lamp out? I'll set them in my enclosed garden to scratch
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My 3 week olds played outside for 4 hours today in their soon to be finished run in high 50s,low 60s. They are brooding indoors in my house with no extra heat now at 3 weeks old and my indoor temp is 68.

And theyve been without daytime heatlamp since 2 weeks old
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Thank you! Good to know. I took the light out yesterday and made a broody cave. Curious to what age you plan on leaving them out there for good?
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Id do it now if the coop was fully ready. So i plan to next week with a ceramic heat lamp at night (secured well, brings the coop to about 70 on roost side). Until then they will be in the coop/run durinf the days just not at night. What needs to be be finished is the locks on the various doors. I figure in a couple weeks time they will be fully feathered anyway so the supplemental heat at night is only very short term. But until then our nighttime temps are dipping into 20s supplemental night heat will be needed
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