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First time culling

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hi my husband normally does this but he wont be off till next monday so i am stuck with it if i dont want her to suffer any longer would it be better to cull her at night for her sake or daylight hours?
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I would cull during the daylight hours. I usually go with evening, so I can still easily see, but they are roosting. I personally find it easier to use the broomstick method, if cutting worries you.
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Its more i never killed animal before. So yeah and whats the broomstick method?
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You put their head on the ground with the broomstick across their neck. Step on both sides of the broomstick and yank hard on their feet, breaking their neck. It is how I killed my mean rooster (Joe usually does our culling too) I like it because I am less sure of a quick kill with a knife, assuming they struggle.
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