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My Flock

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I tried to get them to line up and pose, well... as you can see that did not work...

Aging between 1-2 years old, we have:
1-RIR Rooster
1-New Hamshire Red Hen
1-Black Sex link hen
1-Blue Ameracana hen
3-Easter Eggers hen

At 17-18 weeks
2-RIR pullets
6-Black sex link pullets
11-Golden Comet pullets

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Double Post in Error
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Nice chickens you got there! Great RIR rooster too! Use to have one but have to butchered it. sad.png Only have RIR hen, brown leghorn hen, and buff Orpington hen. And 2 new ones. I like your coop though. Mine is pretty small but I've might be able to build a bigger one. Love that chicken on top of the chair! lol.png
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