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Lost a chick today

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Lost one of my BO chicks today (about week and half old, as I had it for 6 days)

Noticed last night it just stood around. Got it to eat and drink some this morning, and went on hunt for Corid and other meds.
Hit every place I could find (Co Ops and other farm stores) within 75 miles with no luck. Only vet I know of semi local was closed today. By the time I got home this evening, it had passed.
Watching the others like a hawk now. I separated the sick one this morning, but still checking them constantly.
Will be better prepared next time (I hope) and will keep a better eye on them
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Coccidiosis is usually not a problem in chicks this age, but stress from shipping can affect them for awhile. I would get some SaveAChick or other vitamins with electrolytes, and if you see any that look sleepy or weak, then put some in their water, and start dipping their beaks to make them drink as often as you can.

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I did find and buy some electrolyte powder and mixed up.

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