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Rooster still sickly

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Hi all. My rooster is still sickly. I have wormed everyone, given them 3 days worth of electrolytes & probiotics in their water, given him B12 in his water for 2 other days, given him a bath & dusted him, cleaned & bleached the coop & treated it with poultry dust & DE, made them a dust bath, given him egg yolks with vitamin E & have started everyone on ACV & garlic in their water but my little man is still not gaining any strength. I've had him in the house for the last 5 days but after I did all that to the coop, I'm trying him outside. But I just went out there & he was still on the floor. I'm assuming he doesn't have the strength to fly up to the roost. What else can I possibly do for him?? See my other posts for the whole story but please please give me suggestions! Help!
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It seems like you have done a lot for him. I can't really think of anything else to do, but I have never had any problems like this before. I am sure that there is something, but I'm not sure what. Good luck!
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How old is he? How much is he eating and drinking? What do his droppings look like? I would keep him inside a little longer. Have you considered treating him for coccidiosis? You can use Corid for that in his water for 5 days, or use a sulfa antibiotic such as Sulmet or Sulfadimethoxine (/Dimethox) which will treat severe strains of cocci and other intestinal infections. You can try tube feeding him if he won't eat. Here is a good thread about that:

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