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New Babies Coming!

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I am so excited!!! I am placing an order for some baby chicks tomorrow. I am going to get 8 Buff Laced Polish chicks and 7 Partridge Cochins. I have always wanted both of these breeds but apparently no one in the area has them. I am getting all pullets, I am hoping to raise them for eggs. If anyone has any tips on these particular breeds I would appreciate the advice!




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This is what springtime is for! Don't you just love it?

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Yes! I am so ready!
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I have partridge bantam cochins.Sweetest birds ever, can't imagine the bug version would be any different! <3
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They are so pretty! I wish I could find some buff Brahmas. I used to have one and it was one of my favorites. I've never owned either of the above breeds so it should be an interesting experience. 

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Ok so change of plan, the buff Polish weren't available so I ended up getting the Cochins and 4 Golden Polish and 4 Salmon Faverolles. I am so excited to get them. They are three of my favorite breeds!

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