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5 1/2 week old chick can't stand

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I have one chick out of 13 that is not doing well she is 5 1/2 weeks old and was not able to walk - I was told vitamin deficiency (crazy chick disease)
I gave her an emergency dose of Poly-Vi-Sol 1 ml last night and today's same along with a crushed b12 vitamin - she eats drink but cannot stand still -... I've have her separate because the other ones will trample her.....

Does anyone on here have any info on a time line to see improvement....all information needed....for my little Chickadee...
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Is she too weak to stand? Or is she alert with dysfunctional legs?

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She is altert and eats - drinks, but can't stand she flops her wings and scoots on her hocks...
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How long have you been giving her vitamins? The vitamins should pick her up if she's still alert. But if she's still sickly after a few more days, it may be something untreatable.:(

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2 days... She was the smallest of the Black sexlinks....I'm thinking it might just be untreatable.....She has stayed constantly the same no change....this is the hardest part of raising chickens... I will see how she is by Saturday...
Thank you
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I completely understand what your going through:(. So sorry

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She has gotten worse she's completely paralyzed now but she's alert, honestly I don't think she will recover from the paralysis sad.png Thank you for your help!
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