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Is this adequate?

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Honest question, I have a 4x8x6 coop house. Currently I have 5- 16 week olds and 5- 8 week olds but that will change as I'm not sure about any of the young ones being boys.

We put the nesting boxes and a couple roosting bars in the middle of the house.

I also put a moveable roosting ladder in during the evening for extra roosting space. I'm wondering if I can count the top of the box for square footage as thy love to jump up on there and spend their day?

They are outside of this coop house most of the day but with living in cold climate weather I'm wanting to be sure it is enough room.
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That's plenty of room for ten chickens. You have to remember that they are outside most of the day anyway. When it's cold at night they want to huddle together to stay warm. Just try to keep drafts away during cold days.
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I am more concerned that during the winter they will be too cooped up if they don't want to go out our we get a blizzard.
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