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I have 3 backyard chickens and noticed roundworm in the faeces 2 wks back. Easy enough to solve you would think. I went and got worm medications administered 1st dose easy. When it came to administering the back up dose 2 of the worst affected hens refused to drink it! This is after withholding water the previous night and it being the only available drinking water that day.

Gave up that day & tried again this wk Bloody little buggers wouldn't drink it again.. Tried mixing it into the favorite treat yogurt to no avail..

My question is can i administer straight into crop to a hen?? or is there any other suggestions for me to trick the pesky hens into consuming worming medication.

Thanks in advance for any much needed advice.

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You can dose birds orally, but I'd suggest that you read the instructions as the concentrations may differ from the dose added to drinking water (I don't know this for sure, but i think its worth checking). 


All the best



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Thanks for your reply.

Have checked instructions and it says nothing about administering via crop & doses on worming treatments in Australia.

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