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My first time ever incubating Quail eggs. - Page 11

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@Lsky Yup, they certainly will be!


I just had a quick check in on the 10 eggs, and one has started to pip :D So, fingers crossed, all the others will follow suit :P


Lucky for me this is my night of no sleep, so i'll get to watch it haha!

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I don't sleep either tongue.png it's bad I should really stop.
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Hey how's it going? any little fuzzies yet? big_smile.png
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Haha, yeah, i have a bit of a weird sleep disorder, i only sleep every 2 days. Makes having a normal routine a bit hard, but hey, that's life :P




I have two chicks! :celebrate


They hatched last night and this afternoon! One is really really loud and active, the other is a little younger, still not completely dry, but chirping in between snoozing and flopping around lol.


They are so small!! Less than half the size Miri was.


I checked the other eggs, and it seems 6 died along the way. And two look like there's something in there but might need a few more days. So i've popped those two back in the incubator just in case.


I've moved the two chicks to the brooder. The loud chick is fluffy as hell lol, and the other one still has a little patch to dry off, but i've moved him aswell so they have each other to snuggle.


The loud one is fixated with my hand and chases after it everytime i put my hand in the brooder to move something about lol. He loves climbing in my hand and sleeping there, and when i'm not near the brooder he screams like crazy! So i just keep chatting to him as i go past and it quietens him down, so sweet.


I'll put some pics up when they have settled in a bit more. I don't want to disturb the temperature in the brooder too much as i hear the chill can kill them very easily.


But, omg they are adorable!! haha!

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Yay! big_smile.png I bet they're adorable. What colour are they?
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hehe, they certainly are adorable!


The loud one which we have nicknamed 'Mouth Almighty' haha, is all yellow as far as we can see. And according the another site where it shows the chick colour vs adult colour, this would mean he will be white or silver as an adult.


The more quiet one, is brown/black and bright yellow, so, who knows lol.


From watching the more quiet one, i think he may have one leg that splays out to the left all the time, as when he tries walking more than a few steps, his left leg slides out and then he falls flat on his face, then has to get back up again, and goes a few steps then that same leg slides out again.


So i'm just looking that up to see if it's just the fact hes only a few hours old, or if it's a problem that can be fixed.

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Oh wow I love snow/silver quail. I hope you find a way to fix his/her leg. Maybe he's just quirky :p But he's still young so who knows. Why is the loud one called mouth almighty?
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Yeah, the quiet one has got splayed legs, it seems to be both legs, and i've just looked up treatments for it, and they are all shown on a nice large chick lol, trying those on a tiny button quail chick has been impossible. My mum came over to lend a couple of extra hands lol, but we just cannot get it done.


So now i'm worried as the chick is fine shuffling along on his bum, but walking is near impossible now as his legs just splay out to the sides :(

We've given up for the night as he needs to stay warm, and all this is probably exhausting for him, poor thing. The other one is 100% fine, running around like a loony, and chirping at the top of his lungs, and has just found the water bowl and is drinking fine.


We called him Mouth Almighty because he is so noisy! He hasn't been quiet since he hatched and for something no bigger than about 3cm, i can hear him at the other end of the house lmao!


We will give him a nice name when he gets older, but for now he's known for his mouth haha!


I'm wondering if my local vet will know of any way to treat the splay legs/spraddle legs other than what i've seen on youtube. It's so hard and fiddly with something this small!


I might start a new thread to see if i can get any help on here.

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Oh wow I'm stupid xD I thought the name was a reference to something. Maybe you can wait till he's grown a bit? But I don't know if you can. Anyway, I'm sure someone on here can help :]
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Haha, no, it's just in reference to his loud and non stop chirping...which i might add is still going right now at gone midnight haah! (my neighbours hopefully can't hear him) I think i need some earplugs :P


Yeah, i'm hoping someone can help. I put the thread up in the right section on here, it's got 3 views but no responses yet, so will see how it goes. I'm going to try some other forums too, and also give my vet a call in the morning. If they can treat "pet" birds, then i see no reason they can't do the same for a Quail?


I'm just worried because everywhere i've read says to get it done ASAP otherwise the bones and stuff will harden and it's too late. So, i don't know.


But, i do have one chick that is just perfect, and everything seems to be going well with him/her at the moment. So, keep looking at the positive :)

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