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Maybe you could make like a little splint or something? And tie it to his leg to keep it straight. I'm sure a vet can help, that's what they're trained for afterall :p

So only two chicks hatched?
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Yeah, i tried the plaster thing, but his legs are so tiny and flapping all over the place it just drops off. I tired the elastic band thing, but i can't find an elastic band that's small enough to fit the width lol. And i tried a bit of soft cotton around the legs, but it's just impossible to get them to stay on and pull the thread close enough.


So i'm going to call my vets this morning as soon as they open and see what they can do. He is so tiny and his legs are so thin, i don't want to risk doing anything else in case i hurt him.


And yeah, very odd, only two have hatched out of 10 fertile eggs. I even bought a brand new mini incubator, and it was all set up and running perfect. I checked the remaining eggs after the two hatched, and i could see 6 that had died along the way. But there are two eggs that are dark over most of the egg with a little air sac, so i've put them back in the incubator just in case they are two late ones.


But i don't hold much hope for those two eggs, as i couldn't see any movements in there, although i could see some veins. So, i'll give them a few more days and take another look and decide what to do then.


I think i was better off with my home made incubator lol.

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Well good luck with the vet. :] Sorry if my replies are a little short, I'm pretty sleep deprived and my ipod keeps crashing.
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lol, no problem.


And no luck with the vets. I'm pretty frustrated with them actually.


No vets in my area cover birds!


Apparently birds come under exotic pets now and very few vets take up that training. And lucky me, i live in the one city that has 0 exotic vets. If i want to get the chick seen by a vet i would have to travel over 50 miles to the nearest one that "might" be able to help.


I was a bit short with the woman on the phone lol. I just couldn't believe that with 8 veterinary surgeries here not one of them will take a look at this chick.


I'm going to have to sort something myself i guess. I just don't know what though.

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Wow that's crazy. We took a wren into the vets once and they treated it for free, but I guess because they're wild birds they don't count as exotic. How exotic is a quail anyway xD jeez..
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I know! I actually said to the woman...Quail are now classed as exotic pets are they?!....she wasn't too happy about the tone in my voice lol. But i was just so annoyed that not one vet would take a look at a chick with splay leg.


I even told her if your vet is not confident enough there are step by step videos on you tube to fit this splint if they need some help from ordinary unqualified people, some of them are children too? lmao! I must have come across as a nasty cow lol. So frustrating though!! I mean come on, a qualified vet can't put some tape on a chicks legs??


But, on a happier note, i did eventually manage to get some tape on the legs, and he's now got both feet in the right position.


So i'll leave the bandage tape on for a few days just to be sure, then take them off with a little water, and see how it's doing.


Someone did reply to my other thread and suggested a shot glass trick. Had i known about that earlier it would have saved a lot of hassle lol, but the tape is on, and if that's not working, i'll use the glass trick to make things easier and less stressful for both me and the chick lol!

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Oh, and here is a pic of Mouth Almighty haha!!


He was screaming at the top of his lungs at 3am this morning, so i got up and sat with him for a bit to quieten him down. Apparently i am "mummy" lol.



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It's so silly that just because they're not classified as an exotic vet they can't look at a quail chick. How is a quail chick any different from a chicken chick? Do chickens count as exotic too now? Or I suppose you would need to see a farm vet in that case. xD I can understand your frustration. M.A is cute as heck :p can't imagine something so small making such a loud noise lol.
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I know, i'm usually quite calm when dealing with situations like this, but it was just the attitude of them all not wanting to even bother. Just when you thought vets were all about the animals eh? haha!


But hey, i've sorted it now. I took the tape off a little while ago to give it a change, and he's actually got his legs underneath him and walking on them! So i don't have to fit another lot of tape back on :)


So, while that is all good, we have more bad news.....


He's blind.


He doesn't know where things are. When i put my hand into the brooder, he doesn't flinch at all. M.A runs a little then comes back to jump in my hand, but this little guy doesn't move his head or anything.


I gave him some water, and he drank that fine, but i had to guide him to it as he was licking the air trying to find the bowl. He still hasn't eaten yet, so i'll try that out later. I don't like to disturb him too much while he's so obviously struggling to learn to walk properly still. Plus the drops in temp can't be good for him either.


So, the plan is...


Keep helping him drink and teach him to eat. Keep him warm with his brother/sister. Help him out as much as possible. And IF he survives, he will stay with me rather than go into the aviary.


I read that if you have a blind chick, it's best to keep them in a smaller area and leave the food and water in the same exact place, and help them as much as possible to get a good start.


I read a lot of posts from people who would just cull the chick and not bother, but i cannot just do that. If i can get it healthy, then i will. If he stays with me as a pet, he will have me here 24/7, and my other pets are fantastic, so he will have loads of company, and lots of love and even more help to keep him as happy as possible.


If the worst comes to worst and he is just beyond help, i'll do the right thing and take him to the vets to PTS. I won't let him suffer.


He's drinking with my help, and he has had some sugar water, which he seemed to love! He kept tapping the air to get more, so i had to move the bowl near him to get him to drink, but he did it.


Food is the real hurdle, so i'll do my best.


I'll put a little pic up of him the next time i take him out for some food and water, he really is pretty. Extremely bright yellow wings, and black and brown stripes down his head and back.


Fingers crossed x

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Here is the little blind chick..... it was a no go with food. No interest in it at all :( Will try again later.


He did chirp a lot though. Every time i spoke to him he chirped back lol. I really hope he makes it. I'm researching like mad now on how to care for blind chicks haha!



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