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My first time ever incubating Quail eggs. - Page 13

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Aww sorry :[ but I bet it feels great to have fized M.A's leg right? I think it's really nice that you put so much time and effort into these things, like you said a lot of people would have just had them culled. I had a blind hamster once (he went blind in his old age), and we put everything in the same place everytime, and talked to him as we approached to make sure he knew we were there, and he seemed to enjoy his life. I'm sure if he is blind, with a little time and effort he could still live a good life, provided he doesn't have any other issues. :] He's very cute too btw.
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Thanks very much :) I couldn't live with myself if i didn't do the best to give the little guy a chance. It's just not something i could do, give up on a little creature just because it has a few problems. You wouldn't put a human to sleep just because it was blind would you lol.


M.A's legs were never splayed, it was the little blind chick that had spraddle leg. But that's fixed, at least. M.A was born with no issues, and is healthy and fit and totally independent, just doing brilliant.


It's the little guy who has all the problems :(


But on a good note, he ate a bit of food tonight, and is still waddling around on his new legs haha!


He sleeps a lot! And doesn't go far when he does walk, just a few steps at a time. But at least he's trying bless him.


I watered down his food to a paste and rubbed some on his beak and he started licking it off. So he's had something at least.


He's half the size of M.A. So we shall see how he goes.


Speaking of M.A, he's calling me lol, so i'm off to go play with him for a bit to quieten him down, and then see if i can get some sleep myself hehe.

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Oh sorry I didn't mean to say M.A :p also just realised I said fized lol. I'm staying up all night, I gotta help pack our moving van soon. God speed little quail xD
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haha, sleep deprived huh?


Good luck with the move :)


And the little quail is still with us, and just had another feed :) Only a couple of little licks at a time, but hes feeding. And i'll be doing this every few hours until he is fighting fit lol.


no sleep for me for a while :P

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I am now so sleep deprived that I feel high xD I'm home alone now, my mother & sister left with the van a few hours ago. Good that the chick is drinking, you got a name for him yet?
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Oh no lol. I know that high feeling from lack of sleep very well haha!


And yeah, i have to get the chick out every few hours to put some food on my finger and rub it on the beak so he licks it off, but will be worth if it he makes it.


I haven't got a name for him/her yet. Can't really think of one? Hmmm, will have to see how it goes and see what pops into my head haha!

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Lay down for five minutes, woke up five hours later lol.
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Haha! You obviously needed it! But at least you got some sleep, so that's good.


Have a bit of bad news. The little blind chick died about an hour ago :hit


I got him out for a feed earlier, and i just had that feeling he wasn't going to make it through tonight. He just didn't move at all and wasn't interested in any food or water. So i put him back in the brooder to sleep more.


He stopped breathing while he was sleeping cuddled up next to his brother/sister :( So i took him out gently without waking his brother/sister. Now M.A is awake and going crazy looking for him. He's running around at the speed of light and screaming so loud!!


I hope he's going to be ok without the little guy in there with him. He's alone in there now. So i'll see if i can keep him company as much as possible.


Only a few tears this time, i was preparing myself for the worst since he hatched. Unlike Miri who i got really attached to because of how special he was, i tried to remind myself not to get attached this time lol.


So sad though.


I hope it doesn't harm M.A being alone now. When he's old enough he will be going to the aviary, where my parents now have 3 quails of their own in there.

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Oh man not again :[ Sorry. I think M.A should do fine on his own until he can move into the aviary. You'll just have to give him even more of your attention. Where did you get the eggs from? you had a very low hatch rate.
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Yeah, i know :( It's horrible loosing another one.


I got the eggs from a breeder in Ireland. She had no negative feedback at all, so not sure what happened there. I know it wasn't my temps and humidity otherwise i wouldn't have M.A alive today. The other eggs had little chicks developing, but they just died along the way, which i thought was really odd?


Maybe she doesn't have the healthiest birds? Or something happened in shipping?


Who knows.


M.A was very quiet all night, so when i got up i decided to get him out for a bit to sit with me and have something "alive" near him at least. And he perked up right away, so that's good.


He's so fast!!! Almost lost him on the sofa haha!!

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