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My first time ever incubating Quail eggs. - Page 4

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I cracked them open it was not a good ideal one of them made me nearly throw up as soon as the shell cracked lol i can handle dirty diapers but that was bad!!!
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Originally Posted by Breezy Optimist View Post

awww. so sorry you had some dead chicks sad.png Did you know they were not fertilised? Maybe i am reading your comment wrong? lol

Hi, i thought people had lost interest in my thread so i haven't updated since i posted the photographs. It's my very first time incubating Quail eggs, and i'm setting out for doing it the hard way by trying to hatch from supermarket eggs lol.

Update on my first batch - None hatched, none developed, none were fertile. So i am now on my second batch. I checked the eggs when i got home from Morrisons lol. A box of 12 Quail eggs from a very well known and respected free range farmer called Clarence Court. So high chance of a male in there to fertilise an egg. Just have to be very lucky to get one from the supermarket shelf tongue.png

Anyway, i got them under a light, and 5 were cracked under the surface. So i'm incubating 7 today.

Fingers crossed. I know how rare it is to get a fertile egg and then hatch it from the supermarket, but i'm enjoying it, and learning so much along the way smile.png
hi, I'm on day 15 now. I got an extremely rare find, I bought Marks and Spencer duck eggs from their Dubai store, they had been flown in from the UK and had been refrigerated. I tried many times without an incubator and I honestly think that it is the best investment. Mine was about £40 . Anyway now I have removed all of the infertile eggs and have just this one alone. I have no idea what kind of duck it is or if it will succeed. I even think that it has 2 babies bouncing around inside. The odds are not good. Good luck with your quail eggs, please think about an incubator!
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@Jesusfreak101 oh no :( I'm hoping i'll never experience finding a dead baby inside an egg i crack.. i can't imagine how i would feel :(


@MyBabyDuck Goodluck with your eggs! And don't worry, i am using an incubator. It's a home made one, all temps and humdity are perfect. It's just being lucky enough to find a fertile egg in a local supermarket haha! But the experience is fun and educational :)

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Update on my second batch from Morrisons lol - I have a little chick growing in 1 egg!!!!!


I got to Morrisons, and found on box of Quail eggs left on the shelf. When i got home, and examined them properly, 6 had cracked under the shell, so i disposed of them.


They have been incubating for 7 days now.


I just candled the remaining 6, and there is one egg with very clear and visible veins and a tiny chick embryo twitching away inside!!! I have never seen this is my life and i am sooooo happy! What are the odds?! haha!


So, i am keeping this one little egg in the incubator all nice and warm. Fingers crossed he will continue to develop. I don't want to risk damaging him, so i'll candle again the day i go into lockdown, and hopefully he will still be alive and kicking.


My first time ever seeing a fertile egg, let alone one that came from the supermarket shelf. Made my day :D


Hows everyone else's eggs and chicks doing?

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Wow I am so excited for you. Amazing news, well done.

I also have news, my duck egg is on day 19/20 and nearly filled the entire egg, and moving still! Not sure if it is one or two in there.

The other news is that a worker of mine brought me 9 duck eggs from her farm in the Philippines and I just bunged them in the incubator too, and just checked on them, day 4 and 4 are viable and twitching! Imagine that, day 4!

So I have one British one and 4 Filipino ducks, with possibly more. I don't know any of the breeds, this will be fun!
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Oh wow! That is brilliant news @MyBabyDuck really happy for you! What day are the ducks due to hatch? They take longer than Quails don't they? I have to be honest i haven't looked up any other hatch dates other than Quails at the moment. Can you have more than one baby duck in one egg?


And 9 more? you will be busy, that's awesome! You will have to post pictures :)


This is a quick snap of my Quail egg :)


It's a little hard to see from the photograph, but in real life it's very clear, and the "dot" is moving and twitching :)

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Oh yes I see it very clearly. Wonderful news. Are you going to candle it again? How many days before hatching?
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I'm a bit nervous about candling it again. So i might give it another 5-7 days before i do it again. Fingers crossed it will have developed some more, i would hate to see that dreaded blood ring everyone says you see when the chick has died inside the egg.


I'll be candling on the day they go into "lockdown" too of course.


It's due to hatch around the 8th of May. I started incubating the egg on the 19th of April.  It says 18 days for a Quail to hatch, but i've read some people having hatches up to 25 days. So if it doesn't hatch around day 18-20, i'll float test the egg and see if there is anything moving around in there :)


How are your ducks coming along?

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Yes I understand. I am afraid that i might have over candled mine. oh dear..

Ok off to update my photos.

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Why is my female quail not laying eggs?
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