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I have a chick!!!! :jumpy He/She hatched around 3pm this afternoon :celebrateI had to intervene, as there was a string of "something" around it's neck, so i poked through the zip hole and pulled it off so he could get out. Very active already, rolling around and chirping :D Fingers corssed all goes well from here :D


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Lol Lsky, i'll stay online for a few mins incase you pop on again and miss me haha!

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Congratulations! So pleased for you, all of your hard work has paid off!
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@Jesusfreak101 Thank you! :)


@MyBabyDuck Thank you, and yes, hopefully he grows big and strong. I understand the first few weeks are touch and go. So hopefully he will make it and become a new family member here haha!





He's currently tucked up under my smallest Eeyore teddy lol. So cute. I put it in the brooder as I heard it's good company for them. It's not completely dried out yet, and can't stand, just rolls around everywhere. I think he's exhausted.


Most of the bum area feathers are dry, and the belly is completely dry with some bald patches. But the back and wings still look wet. I thought maybe there was some stuff on there, but it seem they are just "oil slick" looking? And not fluffed up, so will see how it goes.


He has some feathers missing on his head, like a bald spot, i guess they will come through at some point?


Other than that, 5 and a half hours later, still rolling around, eyes closed as he seems to want to sleep all the time at the moment (can't blame him!), and chirping every now and again. If i rub him on the belly he stops chirping lol.

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He looks like a hairball lol Welcome to the world little guy :]

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Lol, he certainly is very fluffy now!


He has a few isues though. He has curled toes, so he already has little shoes on to straighten them out. Theres a step by step video on youtube (not made by me) on how to fix curled toes if anyone needs to help a chick with the same problem.


And hes a little weak lifting his head on his own for long periods of time. He seems to be getting better though, as i started him on sugar water last night, and he had a first dose of vitamins from the bird shop near me, and he perked up about 30 mins after that, and was sitting up and holding his head up without help, so fingers crosed he keeps improving.


He has no problem using his actual legs, hes feisty, and just pushes himself accross the floor of the brooder, and he cries a lot if i'm not with him. He's been having a few sips of sugar water from a bowl (obviously i have to bring the bowl to him, as he can't lift his head too well so i don't trust leaving a water bowl in the brooder.


He doesn't seem bothered about food right now, but i guess he still has the yolk to live off, so will see how he goes in a few days.


He freaks out in the brooder, and doesn't like the heat too much. So i tried a hot water bottle, and he loves it! He buries himself in the fluffy cover and sleeps with my fluffy sock covering him lol.


But yeah, he's obviously a weak chick, and i refuse to give up on him. He's still here, alert and very active, so obviously has strength in him. Will see how the shoes go lol, and hopefuly with a bit of help walking and some extra vitamins he should get stronger.


Wish us luck xx

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A few moments after i wrote that last post, sadly my little Miri passed away.


He died in his sleep, curled up on my hot water bottle, all cosy. I guess it just wasn't meant to be. And i'm sat here bawling my eyes out lol. So silly.


R.I.P my little Miri.


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They're just so small, he probably had something genetic. At least he had a chance, and he went peacefully. I would cry too, so don't feel silly. R.I.P Miri.

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I'm sorry. It took us 3 days to bury Drake. He laid in a bag in the freezer. We just kept looking at him.
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