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@Lsky Yeah, he was so tiny bless him. And you are right, at least he did go peacefully. Such a shame though. He was drinking fine and so active, wasn't expecting him to go :( Mind you now that i think about it, it did take him about 12 hours to break out of the egg, and that was with help too. He had something wrapped around his neck, so wouldn't have made it out if i hadn't cut that off him.


@MyBabyDuck Aww, so sorry. Awful isn't it? I have him in a box, with the sock bed i made for him that he slept in in his brooder. He's being buried in my parents garden later today. I don't have any soil in my garden, it's all gravel and concrete. So at least i'll know where he is.



I don't think i'm going to try this again. I didn't realise how upsetting it was going to be to lose one lol. I guess it's just felt worse because you get to watch them grow and develop from that tiny little dot in the egg lol. And then to have this little thing hatch, and literally scream for you when you leave it alone.. horrible when they don't make it.


But i did it. I hatched an egg from the supermarket shelf in a home made incubator.


Just a big shame that he wasn't meant to be.

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Yeah :[ well he had been through a lot, all that traveling, being in a cooler for who knows how long, some things just aren't meant to be. It's always sad when something dies, it's just funny that one minute they're right there, alive and full of energy, and the next they're just gone.
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I am sorry for you lose.
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@Lsky yeah, I think that's what shocked me most. The fact he was so perky and fighting, drinking by himself and pooping and chirping away, then went to sleep and never woke up.
But on a happier note, my dad has caught the quail bug after seeing Miri lol. So he has asked if I want to hatch some Chinese painted quail eggs for him and keep two for myself if they hatch smile.png He's setting up a nice home for them over the next week haha!

@JesusFreak101 Thank you x
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Well that's so nice of your Dad. I also decided to move forward and I have new duck eggs in the setter now! I didn't have much choice as I was given some by somebody from the Philippines.
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Hey that's cool :] Post pics if you can big_smile.png
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@MyBabyDuck That's great news! Keep at it smile.png How awesome would it be to have a duck hatch and make it this time? It certainly puts you off when you lose one for the first time, but keep at it wink.png And post pics on here for us to see smile.png I'm not one of those who goes nuts about this post hijacking stuff lol. Share away! It's all educational, and helpful to others and a great way to meet new people and be social and help each other out. In my opinion anyway wink.png Oh, and what happened to those twin Ducks you had? I never knew that you could get 2 baby ducks in one egg!! See, I learned something new from you smile.png

@Lsky I certainly will post more pics. I went to that Moonridge Farm page to see if they do Button Quail eggs, but there weren't any sad.png So my dad found some Chinese painted button quails from a farm in Ireland and they have great feedback and high hatch/fertility reviews too. So fingers crossed.

Miri was buried today, bless him. Weird how a little chick that's been with us for just over 24hrs can have such an affect on people. Everyone was devastated when I announced on Facebook to family that he had passed away lol. Some of them actually got to see him as they were visting my parents at the time, so they took a drive over to my place to see him haha.

But, fingers crossed for these button quails that are on their way. They should arrive tomorrow or the day after.
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Button quail come in such interesting colours, very pretty birds. Well good luck with hatching them, you should get better results this time as they're from a proper breeder. I'll stick around for the pics big_smile.png
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Been away, very very busy here..won't bore you with the details lol.


So, i bought 12 button quail eggs from a very lovely breeder, and they have been incubating over the last 12 days. Sunday is "hatch day". I candled the eggs, and 10 out of the 12 were fertile, and again, lots of movement and veins, so all good signs.


One of the eggs has what looks like a blood ring...but because it's hard to tell properly as it's a very dark egg, i've put it in the incubator anyway, just in case :)


All temps and humidity are perfect (again), so fingers crossed this will be less upsetting than Miri was haha. Bless him x


My parents are almost done setting up a lovely aviary in their garden. Very pretty, i'm so jealous! So, however many chicks hatch and survive, they will all be going into a really nice home. And i get to see them when i pop in for a visit :)


They will be having some company from other birds that will be added as the aviary develops.


So, how is everyone else doing with their hatchings?

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Oh wow that's amazing, those are some lucky quail :]
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