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Broken chick?

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One of my black spanish chicks has some bald spots and her stance is wider then it should be, is there something i can do to help her?
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How old? Do you have pictures of her stance or the bald spots? Is she just slow to grow in her feathers? Here is some info about splay leg in case she has that:

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Shes two days but she can walk around its just that her stance is somewhat... Awkward?
Her feet point slightly out, maybe itll go away idk
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Leg bone deformities such as Varus deformity can turn legs inward while Valgus deformity can turn legs outward. Here is some reading:


The 2 pictures below are of chicks with possible slipped tendon. The bottom shows valgus deformity.




Valgus deformation, chicken

Valgus deformity

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