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Silkie color?

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Is this chick blue or lavender?
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Most likely blue, lavenders are lighter. What color are the parents?

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It's blue. I've had an assortment of colored silkies and that one looks blue.
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How hard is it to get blue coloring?
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If you have the right chickens and you know what colors to breed it's a 50-50 chance you will get blue. Sometimes you will get black,splash or grey/white
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If your just one of those people (like me) who have an assortment of colors (buff,black,white,blue ex.) and who arnt going for a certain color,just chicks, then it's more of a 10%-25% chance of getting blue.
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Hen partridge and roo blackish grey
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New to breeding silkies
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Since your roo is blackish grey then your chick will possibly be grey-ish blue vice versa. Never would of thought a partridge hen and blackish grey roo would make a blue chick! How lucky wink.pngsmile.png
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Well i know that to get partridge you have to have blue genes right. I also have a black hen
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