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Now I can kinda see how you got that chick tongue.png
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I have another chick about to hatch now. Almost out

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Yay! Show a pic when it hatches and when it gets dry!!
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How do you think i got the blue? What color do u call the roo
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I'm not an expert on 'colors' but your roo could of come from the blue gene and passed it on to its offspring. There was just enough of a hens gene color to combine with the Roos and make a blue chick! I would call the roo "black" or "blue". Where did you get your roo?
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He and a white roo was given to me from a friend. No longer have the white one
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Ok. Is the roo a full breed silkie or a cross?
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No they are full breeds. I do have 1 roo crossd with a dutch bantam and silkie just to see what they would look like. All my silkies are pure in there own coop
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Ok then your roo is a blue silkie. If it's a full bred silkie and it has any spot of blue, it has the blue gene.
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Undet carriage is blue
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