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Old hen in pain when she poops

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My hen is 8. She is standing up tall and squalking when she has to poop and very little is coming out. Otherwise she seems fine and is active.this has been going on for 5 or 6 days. I fed her a tiny bit of pork pate which had cooked onions in it. Clearly a mistake. Any thoughts on what I can do for her?
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Does she still lay eggs? She could have a large lash egg (a product of internal laying and salpingitis) blocking her vent. Can you use a disposable glove with lubricant, and feel inside with one finger for a hard object? The stimulation may cause he to poop. Hens with internal laying can walk upright, and have trouble walking, or waddle. I doubt if that little bit of pate caused her problem. You can give her a little olive oil, or a tsp. of either castor oil or some molasses to work as a laxative. Make sure that she is drinking well.

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