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sick chick?

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Just got a phone call frome someone at home saying one of my chicks is acting a lil odd. Saying it'll walk around eat for a little bit flop on her side while laying on her side. I'm told the other chicks being to walk all over her. Just got of the phone he now says the chick gets up and falls down.
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Have him seperate the chick. Put the chick on a heating pad ideally. The chick might be sick or just not fully developed and might not make it. If you have any electrolytes, save a chick, that might help. If not try a little honey water.
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Did they have the merks vaccine
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Yes all 4 have been vaccinated. None of the other birds are showing signs of it. Got home a bit ago isolated the hurt chick. I believe she has a leg or hip injury. She's the brave one try to jump to the highest point. Anyways she'll get up walk around eat drink then flop back down. My local feed store doesn't carry the poultry nutri drench but they have a poultry boost in feed form I'm going to go look at. Thanks for the help I'll do my best to save her
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Out of the 4 she's been developing the fastest legs are not bent in or out an any way so they didn't devolp weird. Hope she makes it. Figures it'd be my favorite chick to get hurt
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Thank you! The product I purchased is called poultry booster
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Just got back from the feed store. Poor girl was laying on her back with both get up in the air. Got her up right again. She's eating the rooster booster and drinking the chick boost
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Good luck!
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