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Brinsea hatching

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I have a brinsea octagon 20 advance ex im pretty happy with it almost all the egg's i put in to i made it to day 18 now its day 21 and i beleave i can hear peeping but not all the time my temp is on 99,7 and my humidity is on 65 non of them,have peeped externel yet of what i can see and i have not opened my incubator since day 18 a little help here to be sure i just need to sit it out
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Sit back relax. It's normal.

If your hearing peeping it means they pipped internally.

Could be up to several hours before they external pip.

Then more waiting to zip.

They absorbing the rest of their yolk and taking a rest.

It's difficult for me to do. But enjoy the hatch and sit back.
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Thank you and its just that i cant hear them all the time smile.png but its hard when to incubators are on right next to each other
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