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Wazine 17 Question

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Long story short and I've posted a few time already ... but I believe my hen might have worms based on her behavior (plus I've checked for everything else). Last night I put Wazine 17 in their water ... but it doesn't look like they drank much. He behavior is still the same (not sure how mnay days til I see changes). Should I give her Valbazen tomorrow? Or should I wait 10 days?
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Anyone? I'm really worried about my Penny girl!
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I'd leave the treated water for another day. You should, at least if she has roundworm, see worms in her poo. 



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I can understand your feelings right now. I myself would seperate the hen from the other chickens and only give her the Wazine. Maybe a dog crate or something else. Food and only water is Wazine. If you give it to the other chickens they may not drink it, and get dehydrated. I had this happen once, and it wasn't good. This article should help you identify types of worms, and how to treat each type. Hope it helps you and your hen!
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I haven't seen any worms at all. She is lethargic and lays around the yard instead of foraging like the others. She hasn't lost any weight and overall looks beautiful. Her tail is always down. She still eats and drinks, but at a MUCH slower pace. When I bring treats .. she doesn't fight for them like the others. Her stools have no worms but they have been watery. It's hard to tell who's is who's out there .. but i'm pretty sure hers is the watery ones. I've treated her for Vent Gleet and checked to see if she was egg bound (she is still laying but not as often). I"m running out of options. After reading the symptoms of worms ... I thought I'd try this next.


There is so many posts .. some say start with Wazine .. some say skip it and use Valbazen. I went with the Wazine but don't think any of them drank it (I only have 4 hens right now). I peeked at her this morning and she was up and moving around ... but no different than the other days. 


This is why I question giving her the Valbazen now. 


I have my poor Penny going through this ... and my Gertie is getting her feathers pecked (her butt and head look AWFUL). My girls were a year old yesterday ... and this is the first time I have had to deal with any issue :( 


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