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Growing up after cocci

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This is my first time raising chickens. I have 2 BOs almost 4 weeks old and 4 silkies from 2-4 weeks old. I saw some red poop and odd behavior so after some research I treated the whole gang for cocci using Corid. It's been 5 days, I'm about to reduce their dose to the smallest amount because most are doing good but one is still having funky poos. Anyways, the 2 that I suspect had it or at least had it the worst (1 BO, braveheart, and 1 white silkie, Bowie) are considerably smaller, and a little bonier than their brothers and sisters who were born at the same time. I think that they are going to be ok, they are running around, eating, drinking and being normal but now I am wondering about their future. Are they always going to be smaller? Or will they catch up? Will they be happy and healthy and produce eggs like the others?

New chicken mom here and I love them to death already smile.png thanks for your help!!

PS: love the coop posts, im building one inspired by a couple from this site this weekend!
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They can use with some vitamins and probiotics after there Corid treatment to get their gut bacteria back to normal. The probiotics are good to start now, but some feeds now include probiotics in their feed. Plain yogurt, Probios Powder, and Vitamins With Lactobacillus are other good sources. A lot of how chickens do overtime involves how much intestinal damage was done by the coccidia. Your birds may not have been that sick or you may have treated it early. Welcome to BYC.Here are a couple of good articles to read about cocci in chickens:

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Thank you for the advice! I have chick electrolytes and vitamins that I am about to start giving them again now that I have to stop the corid, but how do I give them probiotics? Someone told me I could get them at a drug store but I can't figure out what kind/how much/how to administer... Do you know?
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Plain yogurt is full of them. I would take an ounce of it and thin it with water, then add to a small amount of their chick feed. Probiotics are also found in Probios powder and many vitamins from the feed store. Those are added to their water.  Read the labels. Here are a few:


801-1030-2.jpg?1451982097Performance Poultry Vitamins Electrolytes Probiotics Water 60gm Makes 60 gallonsE-2-2 Probios Dispersible Powder Probiotics 240 Grams NEW !39742_L_vvs_000.jpg 

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