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Originally Posted by spraguegretchen View Post

yes, they are great.  quality, on time.  
I wish I could help you!! But maybe you could help me. I am NOT complaining about Sandhill, I just would like a question answered. I sent money order out on March 18. How do I know if my money order was received? I read about a confirmation letter but do I get it in the mail of email? I know they are busy and am very excited. Also I know they don't kill of over hatch and am impressed with that;) May I ask what breeds you are hunting for? I will gladly put my "feelers" out;)wink.png Thank you!!!
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They send a confirmation by snail mail. Did you order an assortment? A lot of breeds are already sold out. 


If you don't get what you want this year you may want to send your order in this fall for next hatching season.

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thanks, kind of looking for a little of this, a little of that wanting to get a feel for the breeds i will like best.  and yes, they will send a letter by mail.  you could always call or email them to check in i guess, it took a couple of weeks before i got my confirmation letter

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Thank you very much My BYC Friends! I am ordered Basque hens and Branbarters and five assorted top hats;) I have never had any I the breeds so am excited! I am ordering Pyncheons from Privett as I got one and fell in love with this breed! I have a set up for about eight different rare breeds and may try to increase fertility of Pyncheons as I have looked high and low for a private breeder. All of the other places that have them get them from Privett. Love my poultry;) I am getting a few more geese this week;) Again, thank you so so much!!!
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I have no problem raising a rooster and dispatching him for meat. I do have a problem killing him at birth because he is male. Dead is dead, but at least when he is used for meat, his life had purpose.
I am NOT good at this and wish I was! I have cats and if would be to their best interest if I could! Cats must have meat to survive. It would be an asset to them if I could. I have two large egg farms near me. Every eighteen months one of the whole buildings gets burnt....240000 chickens! Wonder a year how many Roos die so they can get new orders in? I live in the country and Roos are not an issue for me. I would love to raise modern game banties ( or try as I understand they are hard to raise and not long lived) but how to deal with a variety of aggressive Roos? I agree with you completely! I really value my Roos;) They tell the gals where food is, let the gals eat first, defend them with their lives and are great babysitters. Wow I just described a great spouse;)
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I found a hatchery that is no kill. I just ordered from it myself;) It is called Valley Poultry. It has good reviews. I actually looked up the three you mentioned. One is out of business, dear. One does not seem to have site up yet, and one does not ship. This Valley Poultry has good reviews and has a nice selection. I found the site a little slow but that could be my phone and and surely no representation of anything wink.png Hope this helps!
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thank you, i was leaning toward them :)

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