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Indian Runner Ducks

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We are possibly getting two Indian Runner Ducks, but our biggest concern is noise. I have heard they are noisy, but how noisy are they compared to chickens? And are they only noisy when scared/being fed or are they always making noise?

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I have 36 blue and chocolate runner ducks due to hatch in a couple weeks so I'll let you know then, lol.  I do have one lil female fawn and white runner duck.  She's not very noisy but she does this goofy nagging thing to the males where she sidesteps around them and naggingly quacks while she moves her head up and down.  She does it all the time and it's hilarious to watch.

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When they were young, mine were loud mouths.

As they got older, they quieted down. They will still get loud if I don't let them out of their house in the morning as early as they'd like. They will often chatter if something is amiss and every once in a while, they have a story to tell the neighborhood. But the noise usually quiets down quickly and they aren't much louder than the chicken when she gets going either.

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I have nine Fawn and White Indian Runner Ducks. I've noticed my four are only noisy when they are excited or scared. Most of the time their only noisy when the dogs run past, or when their pool gets clean. The rest of the time mine are always relatively quiet compared to my chickens. I hope you have fun with your two new ducks! 

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Yes I have some fawn indian runners and the females are the loudest with their quack but they dont cry unless you are around them or they are scared they are very quiet otherwise

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I have just recieved our first 4 fawn and white runner ducklings! They are 5 days old. Today I notice one little girl limping and relying on one leg to get around. I don't see any obvious injury nor feel a hot spot. I have been giving them their powder form vitamin mix into their water as well as Brewers yeast in their feed. Other than rest , what else could I possibly do?
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