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MannaPro Poultry Protector

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How effective is this product against mites?. Has anybody had good results?

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I have not used it, but if you have an infestation I would urge you to use some permethrin products, either the garden dust or the 10% spray. TSC and other farm stores carry several brands. The coop also has to be treated, and re-treatment of chickens may be needed every 7 days a few times. Some use Sevin dust also. Here is some info:

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I used MannaPro poultry protector last year for mites on my Guinea fowl. I used it to spray my coop down and it seemed to work well; however, I used it in combination with diatomaceous earth which I scattered around the coop after the poultry protector had dried. I also used sevin dust in their dust bath area to kill the mites that were already on the Guineas. Because I used it in combination with other things, I cannot say how effective it would be if used alone. I have not had any further issues with mites since then, but I put diatomaceous earth, and occasionally sevin dust, in their dust bath area to keep the mites away. (I am much more proactive because it is such a pain to get rid of mites once you have an infestation!)
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