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HELP sneezing and crusty eye??

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I just got this sweet girl saturday since then shes been what i think is sneezing alot throughout the day i also noticed her right eye is shut alot and is now crusty or looks like watering alot not sure but then i noticed a red streak from her nose almost like blood i have no clue whats going on weve lost 2 out of nowhwere and i cant lose her please help!
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It's a respiratory disease more than likely. MG is possible, but if there is bloody  mucus, then ILT might be the reason.  ILT is a virus that is contagious and can make carriers of the flock. MG is treatable with antibiotics such as Tylan or oxytetracycline, but flock members will be carriers for life. Getting a couple tested would help you know for sure what is going on.

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We picked up oxytetracycline?? Tonight and cleaned her eye up. Is it possible for them to die from it?
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Yes there is a certain percentage that can die. The disease (ILT) if that is what is going on, can last up to 6 weeks. I would urge you to get some testing, or if you lose any, to get a necropsy done by your state vet. Testing can be done through your local extension agent or state vet. Until you find out what you are dealing with, you need to close your flock to new birds, or birds going out.

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