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Yeah sounds fair, but I think I'll go 25 dollars a bird, 2 week starter birds, if I get good at sexing young birds, keep pullets until 5-7 weeks and sell for 50 dollars.
On 5-7 week pullets if you buy 3 you get 15 dollars off.
On the straight run chicks if you buy 5 you get 25 dollars off (buy 4 get one free is how I will advertise, sounds way better).
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I was suggesting price if they were just hatchery grade.   If yours turn out to be show grade, and very possibly may be, then the higher price is justified and achievable. :)

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I am going to register these birds, and maybe more, for a county fair this fall. Also the NC state fair this fall, I am still looking for a show coming soon near me.
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