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Hi, my Rooster has been making a weird noise in his throat, like when you have a bad cold and breath out and it makes a purring noise, he is eating fine, drinking fine, and seems to be feeling great.  What is this noise?



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It could be stridor from having something in the airway just partially blocking it--something like a piece of food, mucus, or a foreign object. If it doesn't clear up in a few hours, then it might be a respiratory infection.

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Could the siven dust I put on him have gotten in his lungs?

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It's possible, but I have used it many times without any problems like this. Are you seeing any runny nose or watery eyes? Any sneezing or coughing? 

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Should I take him to the vet tomorrow?

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Sorry that I have been off the computer all day. Did you take him to the vet? How is he doing today.
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He is the same.  The gave us and antibiotic for him, but they didn't say if it should be refrigerated, what do you think?

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The label of the medicine should say if it should be refrigerated. What did they give him?
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Just a antibiotic to put in his water.

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