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I need help figuring out the exact breed like color included. I have a pretty good idea on the rooster but the hens are a little harder.

This is the rooster I'm pretty sure he's a Golden Duckwing Phoenix

I think this some sort of Amerucana?

Also a Amerucana?
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EDIT...  When I wrote above line, there were no pix coming up.  Computer glitch :idunno


Now I can see them and agree they are Easter Eggers.   I had one of each like in your pix.    #2 pix looked identical to my Leyla...

#3 pix looked identical to my Bo Peep.

I still have their 3rd sister named Delilah.   She is 10 years old now.

here is a pix

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The two hens look like Easter Eggers.

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