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Chick with wry neck

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Good Morning everyone. I just got a batch of slow growing broilers and some deleware chicks. They were fine when I got them home and the next am. We went out for the day and I notice when I got home that one of them looked like it had its head on backwards. So I did some reading and found out its probably wry neck and that I need to help it eat and get some vitamin E in him. I will get some selenium for it later today since I don't have any.

But my question is.... How do I feed it and make sure it is getting enough until the vitamin E works? I made a mash and tried to get it to eat some off a spoon but it didn't seem like he got a lot. I tried opening his beak and smooshing some mash in there and he smooshed it right back out of his mouth. I did the whole rubbing the throat thing and I think it swallowed some. It will drink some water from the syringe so it's getting some fluids.

I realize I may wind up having to euthanize him.... And his ultimate purpose is for meat so at some point I will be sacking him but I would like to give him a chance.
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You can try raw egg mixed with vitamin water to get some of the nutrients in him. I think that will go in the syringe.

You could also try making the "mash" really liquid and see if he will take that.

The only other option would be to try tube feeding him, the link below shows how or you could pm @casportpony she may be able to help.

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I wound up putting him down this am. He was shutting down.
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I'm sorry for your loss:hugs

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