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Hello, I'm new to... Well everything chicken. tongue.png I wanted to share my experiences and get some advice. So three weeks ago I was given eggs that were supposed to hatch within a few days, along with ones with different hatch dates. Which, I knew was not going to have a good hatch rate as when that hatching ones are on lockdown, you cannot turn the younger ones. Not to mention drowning the ones that need a lower humidity:( Anywho, it came time that the first five eggs were supposed to hatch. So, me being me, I sat by that incubator all day. Eventually I took at good break, and when I came back, there was my first pip! Now I was really committed to that incubator. As the hours went by I had lots of time to do research... And get myself into a worrying frenzy. Turned out my first chick had pipped on the wrong side. So, after 24 hours of no action I decided to help chip some she'll away, while keeping the membrane moist. It looked as though there were still blood vessels in the membrane. I wrapped the egg in a wet napkin and went to bed excepting that the chick would be dead when I woke. Only to wake and find that she had tried her hardest to zip, and just couldn't wiggle her way out. I took her to the bathroom, and pulled way the egg and membrane. Oh boy did she want out!

She was squeaking and kicking the egg away. I then placed her back in the incubator and watched her sleep, trample the other eggs, and then sleep again, repeating that cycle. Now 4 weeks later a happy little chick, named pip) flutters through her brooder. And as for the other eggs in the incubator... Well they didn't make it. Now as of yesterda

y, I have 2 americauna eggs left in the brooder. One has successfully pipped on the right side. 30 hours later she has just started to zip, but not very well. I'm at a loss as to what to do now.
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If she does not finish her zip within 90 minutes I would finish it for her. Pop her back in the incubator and let her get out of the egg. 30 hours is quite a long time to be pipped but not hatch so she may be weak and need some help.

Good luck with her fl.gif
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Thank you. I picked a piece of the egg off and I can see that there is still veins in the membrane. Should I keep zipping or should I wait till I can't see them anymore?
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Is it bleeding? Can you post a pic? How far round has she zipped on her own?
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It's not bleeding. I'm trying to figure out how to add a pic.
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Add it just how you did in your first post.

How far around the egg has she pipped?
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the egg is tilted towards the back of the incubator, so the pic doesn't show how big the zip is. I'd estimate it at about and inch.
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The membrane looks to be drying out so I would carry on with that zip for her. You can use a wet q-tip to moisten the membrane. Try not to get water in or near the beak as she may get it into her lungs. As your doing this hold the egg in warm damp paper towel. The warm moisture will really help.

It looks like she may be stuck due to the membrane drying out and that's why she has quit zipping the egg.
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The membrane is actually quite wet, but it does look like it's thick. Could she be waiting for the veins to recede? I'm afraid to do anything right now when I can still see the veins. I might just be a paranoid mess because she is one out of 36 eggs to make it...
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If you don't feel ready that's fine, these are your eggs and you need to make the decision to help or not. I can't say you should or you should not help I can only go what I see in the pic and by what you have posted.

If you don't feel comfortable finishing the zip off wait a while and then have another look.

With her starting the zip and it not bleeding I would say she is ready to hatch especially after a 30 hour plus external pip.

I'm heading off now but will check back first thing in the morning, good luck with her fl.gif

What do you think @AmyLynn2374 ?
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