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Weak Buff Orpington Chick

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Hi all,
My husband and I hatched a batch of buff orpingtons 2 months ago. A week ago, we integrated the chicks into our coop (3 hens & a roo--all very sweet, even the roo!). We watched them carefully and there didn't seem to be any pecking order issues or hostile behavior. The first few nights, the new chicks had a difficult time going into the coop (we'd go check on them and found them huddled together in the run, so we picked them up and put them in the coop manually). For the past four or five nights, though, they've gone into the coop themselves, so last night we didn't check (whoops!). This morning I went out to the coop and found one of the chicks shivering in the cold run (last night it dropped into the high 40s here). She had her head tucked behind her into her wing, but I when I reached for her, she looked at me. She's very very weak and isn't walking around, eating, or drinking. She can barely keep her eyes open. I've brought her inside with me so I can watch her and I've given her food and water (which she's refusing).
What's going on? Did she get cold/dehydrated that quickly overnight? Might she be sick or injured?
Any help would be appreciated--all other chickens seem very healthy and happy.
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Update: I have dropped some electrolyte water onto her beak and *hopefully* some is getting in. I am fairly certain that she is suffering from coccidiosis, as she recently poo'd and it was bloody. I don't have any Corid on hand...does anyone know where I can get some as soon as possible?? If she can hang on through the night and get the Corid asap, I think she has a chance!
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I think she may of gotten chilled I heard from 3 different books that you're not supposed to move them into the coop before their 3 months old
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Oh dear! You could be right. We moved them out at 2 months because we were having excellent weather (75* and up), but then the storms brought a cold front in! She's comfy inside now and I plan on getting the Corid tomorrow, so we'll see! *fingers crossed*
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Keep her warm and try to push the electrolytes. If she won't eat you can try wet chick starter, scrambled / hard boiled egg or tuna.

Try to get the Corid in the morning. Once you get it mixed, give her a bit with a syringe to make sure she gets some in her system.

Hope she improves soon.

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Update: have kept her warm, given her electrolytes, 2 syringes of sulfadimethoxine (sp?), and diluted plain yogurt. (Our local Tractor Supply was out of Corid, but said this would do the trick.) She drinks painstakingly slowly when I dribble it onto her beak, but I do think some is getting in. So far, she just continues to lay in her warm box, breathing slowly and shallowly, and only moving when I pick her up and try to give her fluids (even then, I have to hold her head up).
I'm not sure she's going to recover sad.png
But I'm going to keep trying!
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Poor thing!!! praying she survives!!
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Had one act like this yesterday i pretty she makes it through the night! Unfortunately mine did not and i think it was cocci too
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Hopefully she will make a turn around soon.

You may want to try tube feeding her there is a thread for that just in case you are interested.

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