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very lethargic chick

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we have 5 chicks about 3-4 weeks old, one of them has been sneezing the past few days and has a watery eye so we put the group on antibiotics and vitamins, now we have another one that is very lethargic not really eating or drinking much and not moving just sleeping and staring at us I finally seen her poop and its almost nothing but water, I'm not sure what else to do can anyone helpĀ 

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I would start with the second post, as watery eye was the first symptom. And them move to the first post. But you probably need to treat with antibiotics first.
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Sadly she passed this morning i tried to save her but it wasnt enough:(
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I am sorry, most likely there was nothing you could have done. Chick's this young just are not strong enough to survive too much stress. Please go ahead and read those threads, and have the recommended antibiotic on hand. If another of your chick's starts displaying symptoms you can quickly give them the medicine (you might consider giving it anyway, your call) Try to remember that owning animals means you must accept the losses. I know it is difficult.
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We have had 3 out of 7 die which i think is quite a bit but we plan to get some corid on hand in case another gets like that i think that she had cocci
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If you have had that great of loses i would just start them on the corid and not wait for anymore symptoms. But watch them, watery eyes usually means respiratory
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they have been on the antibiotic for respiratory for 2 days now. can they be on both the corid and the respiratory antibiotics? @OrganicFarmWife

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I do not know. There might be a thread about it. Or a better option would be to just call your vet and ask. They should have that info (I would think)
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