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New, free, used coop... Help

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Ok, I'm new to raising chickens (my first batch of chicks is currently in box on porch) and I was offered a free coop and run from a friend of my stepdad's father, who had gotten rid of his chickens a while back. I had no clue what it would look like or what condition it would be in. It arrived yesterday and we set it all up. This will be temporary housing because I will be moving in less than a year, and once we get to our permanent location I will build something else. My chicks are only one week old, so I have some time before they will be moved into it, so I can make changes or modifications.

Here it is: tips, advice, suggestions welcomed... PLEASE!

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If the satellite dish does not completely cover the top, you may want to add some hardware cloth in the gaps as well as use it to extend the apron around the coop a bit. That will give you a little better protection against digging and climbing predators.

You may want to replace the roosts with 2x4s...the existing ones look a little bouncy.
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