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No eyes or stuck shut? What's your opinion?

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I just brought home 4 chicks, and didn't notice this poor little thing can't see until after I got them all set up.  She can find the water just fine, has found the food too.  I'm not sure if her eyes are stuck shut or if she doesn't have any.  I did try to wipe with a warm, damp cloth, but I didn't force anything, since I'm not really sure if she has eyes under there.

I'm not too interested in culling her, as she doesn't seem in pain.  Side story, we had a dog attack, and a chicken very badly wounded, and I was going to finish her, but she had a will to live, and she's now healthy and laying.  So what do you think?  Should I try to open her eyelids?

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I think you should try to open the chick's eyelids, but very slowly, like rub under her eyes and on top of her head. Take about 5 minutes doing that and increase the time during the days. I'm not sure if you should, but at least try a little bit. :jumpy

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I brought a chick home recently that had the same problem. Only in one day though. For the first few days I would just wipe it with warm water on a Q-tip and as the days went on she started to open it up more and I just made sure there wasn't any drainage or discharge coming from it. Eventually she kept it open all the time once she was about 3 weeks old and now it's clear that she's blind in that eye. Shes the smallest of all the girls so I have to watch over her until she's big enough to defend herself but otherwise she's healthy as a horse and does well with the rest of the girls
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Oh sorry .. to answer your question, I wouldnt open it other then when it comes open when you clean it but other then that just watch to make sure there isn't any infection and just let it do what it's going to do.
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Try some warm soaks to the eyes while you are holding her keeping her warm. That should soak off the dried drainage where you can see if the eyes are intact or not. It may take a couple of days for any swelling inside to go down, but the eyes may still be there. Apply some Terramycin eye ointment or Vetericyn eye gel from the farm store or TSC twice a day. Plain Neosporin/Triple Antibiotic ointment can also work if that is all you have. Baby chicks are notorious for pecking at each other's eyes. Infection or birth defects are possible as well. Let us know how she gets along.

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Thanks for the tips.  We swapped with warm water on a q-tip, one "eye" was very sensitive.  We'll apply neosporin tonight and look for some eye cream tomorrow.

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She can see!!!  After gentle massage with a wet q tip and applying antibiotic, hedgehog the chicken opened an eye!  She was still catching flak from her 3 sisters, so she is quarantined for now.  She is sad by herself, but it's better than being pecked at, the other girls seem to like the neosporin.  My son (who named one chicken gosling, and this one hedgehog) had the genius idea to cut out windows, so hopefully that helps.

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That is great news. You can fashion all sorts of dividers between her and them for a couple of days, such as using screen or bird netting for a large picture window. She might like a little mirror and stuffed animal with her. With your supervision, she can even visit them for short periods. Good luck with her.

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And now both eyes!  I thought I was going to build a ground level coop and make new accommodations but it looks like she's going to be able to see fine.  The others have stopped picking on her also.  Thanks all for the help.

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Wonderful news. Good luck.
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