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Aggressive rooster

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What is the best way to calm down an aggressive rooster? He's great with the hens but aggressive to the human family. We hatched him and hand held him but that doesn't seem to matter now.
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Best way to calm him down is to wring his neck lol. But failing that hit him with a stick when he comes at you till he quits. That's what I would do. I don't tolerate aggressive animals.
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I have to walk away but I'll be back after these people leave my house! Haha
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Get a squirt bottle that squirts s strong dtream of water. When he so much as looks at you squirt him right in the face. Do it repeatedly until he learns that he MUST move away fom you at all times.

If you have children, keep them away from him. Toosters aim for the face and eyes when they flog children.
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He'd be dinner or gone here, before someone gets hurt.  When he's attacking you, he's not taking care of his hens, he's being an idiot.  Mary

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Haha. I carry a big stick too, but I was just hoping there was a magic something or other idea. I'll just keep being dominant.
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